Friday, March 4, 2011

Fragment Friday

This will be a segment I am going to have every friday :) I think it will be a nice filler on my blog.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Win a Copy of Demonglass! Over at The Cozy Reader!

Want to win a copy of Demonglass, the second book in the Hex Hall series?
Well head on over to The Cozy Reader! They are having a giveaway!

Win a copy of Demon Glass!


I am so sorry. I haven't gotten to really make a dent in Torment, because I have a VERY gassy baby that requires all of my attention. I will try to get it done, but with me being a mom full time, and being a slow is a bit difficult :(

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top Tuesday - Top 5 Favorite Male Characters in YA

It's taking UNBELIEVABLY long to upload videos on youtube today, so I am not going to upload a video right now. So, I will post my top 5 and when I finally get around to uploading the video, I will post it.

Here are my top 5 chioces:
5. Ron Weasly of Harry Potter
I know I said I hate Harry Potter, but I have a soft spot for Ron ;)
4. Stefan Salvator of Vampire Diaries
3. Dimitri of Vampire Academy
2. (TIE!!!) Cam or Daniel of The Fallen Series

what are YOUR top 5 favorite male characters in YA???