Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Tuesday - Worst Books Ever Written

5. Eragon
4. The Host
3. Vampire Academy
2. House of Night Series


  1. :O omg i love the host, once i got into it there was absolutely no way of getting it away from my hands.
    I would have to agree with the rest, for me Eragon was too long and boring. Vampire Academy is my most despised book, House of night is ok, but after a few books i couldn't stand any of the characters.
    I love the Harry Potter films, but i hate the books to say they are YA/ children's books to me they seem more like adult books with a YA theme.

  2. I tried to read the Host, and I just couldn't get into it :\ it seemed to drag on so much. I watch the Harry Potter films when I am really bored, cause they are alright, the books on the other hand...eh...

    Eragon is a retelling of Star Wars. Think of Star Wars 4, 5 and 6...Eragon is THAT story lol